Christmas past

2011-12. Fairy.

          I though I would do one more posts on the Christmas theme before moving on from 2011 to 2012 and since memories are a constant theme here too it seemed a good idea to recall some Christmases from before but my memory has abandoned me yet again.

         Strange though, I have an overwhelming memory of carrots !  Mum-in-Law’s carrots to be more exact.  Before my girls were born, and possibly even before Hubby and I were married, I remember sitting around a large table with all of his family for Christmas dinner.  I’m not a big fan of eating in front of people because I’m really fussy with my food and I’m guessing it was the first Christmas dinner at Hubby’s that I’d been for, so it was a big scary event for me and then I had the carrots … the best carrots I’d ever tasted.  They were all chopped in a bowl and served by the spoonful.  It’s very possible that they were then stirred with a big knob of butter but I can’t be sure, however, I can still remember them as if it was yesterday.

          Another Christmas I can remember is years later at a Christmas party at my Mum and Dad’s house.  We used to play party games and a favourite with the girls was the hat and glove game.  A slab of chocolate (from the fridge) was placed on a plate on the coffee table.  The player had to put on a woolie hat and a pair of sheepskin mittens and using a knife and fork had to try to cut themselves a piece of chocolate before the allotted time ran out.  They could cut and eat as many pieces as they could in the amount of time they had.  The timer was started the second they received the hat and even if a piece of chocolate had been cut and not eaten, they had to stop the second the timer did and pass the hat and gloves to the next person.  My Dad was always the best and ate the most chocolate.  The game got easier as it went on because the chocolate got warmer and easier to cut so the secret to having more chocolate was not to go first.

          When we were little we used to have a complete set of brand new clothes for christmas.  This was a big thing because not being the eldest it was pretty rare to be dressed completely in something which hadn’t belonged to someone else first.  Then we used to wear our new clothes on Christmas day, spilling christmas dinner on them and getting them grubby crawling around the floor playing with our toys.  I was talking with Eldest daughter about this yesterday and she said that a friend of hers always had new pyjamas to wear to bed on Christmas Eve so that they opened their presents in their new pyjamas on Christmas morning.

          The picture for today is sort of a memory too.  Many moons ago (I think I was about 4) I went to a birthday party on Christmas Eve, I don’t recall the party, or come to think of it, even the birthday girl but I do remember being given a little gift as I said good-bye.  My little fairy.  She’s a tiny baby doll with moving arms and legs, dressed as a fairy with a little bit of net material and some tinsel.  There is a piece of wire wrapped around her wrist which has a silver star on the end and if you lay her back then her eyes close.  Christmases have come and gone, but my little fairy has sat on my Christmas tree each year ever since.


4 thoughts on “Christmas past

  1. I love your Christmas memories! I even think I have a few new ones to share with my family (if/when they ever get here) like the new pajamas, what a brilliant idea! And the hat and gloves game, great idea! How much time did you get? 30 seconds? 60? Thanks for sharing your memories!

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