Ginger tree

          Back in November I took some pictures across the lake in University Parks, Oxford.  They’re still sitting around in the no-mans land between laptop and backing up so I guess they’re hanging around waiting for their turn in the spotlight before they retire.


          This ginger tree is on the right of the picture above and I loved the colour so paid it another visit from the other side of the pond.


          And again, this one feels like I’ve left my fringe grow too long and am peering out from behind it.2011-11-ginger-fringe


14 thoughts on “Ginger tree

    • Glad you liked them, I took enough warm sunny photos through the summer to see me through the grey months of winter to the spring again. I’m more than happy to share them. 😀

    • Thanks, I’m a bit bias about the colour ginger, as much as I hated my hair in school (ginger hair, glasses and freckles weren’t a good combination then) I’m going to be more than disapointed when the white takes over and I finally lose it.

    • Thanks, you can see the gap in the tree on the second photo where I stood to take the third. 🙂
      Come to think of it, if I’d have been taking both second and third photos at the same time you would see me in both of them. 😀

    • Thanks, I do visit back-up land regularly and use them as desk-top pictures and I put the best ones on my photo frame too so they don’t quite disappear into oblivion. 🙂

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