Where am I ?

          Are you sitting comfortably ?

                    Then I’ll begin …

2012-01. Water on.

2012-01. Water off.

          Can you work out where I am by these two pictures ?


10 thoughts on “Where am I ?

    • Hubby anounced he was off to the car wash so I tagged along with the camera in tow. 😀
      The first photo is taken (from inside the car in the dry) of the soapy water being sprayed on the windscreen.
      The second is of the side window as it was being whipped clean by the rotating soft cloth brush before we were moved slowly out of the wash past a giant hair dryer.

  1. Oh Sallyann – my small dog’s least favourite place to visit is the carwash. She shakes and crawls under my seat as soon as the water starts. Needless to say she has only been taken there once. Great pics as always. 😀

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