Memory tricks

6. Number plate.

          Another picture from the pebble beach in Sully.  The broken car number plate caught my eye in this one …“NWT”.

          Looking closer though while trying to read the next number I realised the letter N was the wrong way round and as soon as I picked up the letters “TWN” my brain automatically gave me the word was town.  This is how my brain works, it only absorbs about 70% of everything and fills in the rest as it imagines it.  Sometimes it’s really useful, for “thinking outside of the box” for instance, other times it’s quite entertaining because I hear and see so many strange and wonderful things.  On a slightly more realistic note though it’s a bit of a nuisance sometimes and does cause a lot of misunderstanding when my brain guesses the last 30% wrong.

          Thinking back as far as secondary school, many moons ago, I took a class called “speed writing”, it was for using as shorthand but nowhere near as difficult.  I suppose it was very similar to the modern text language that schools object so much to today.  We were taught to write words using just what we heard, if a vowel sounded like it’s capital letter then it was written down and if it didn’t, it wasn’t.  This worked pretty well with my brain and I found it really easy to translate back into long hand.  So for instance ” car number plate” would be “c nmb plat” and “how my brain works” would be “hw mi bran wrks”.

         I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion how bad my memory is, I often use my silly brain to make up something to help me remember.  For instance, there’s a new girl in work who is called Rachael.  I have no trouble at all remembering her name as she is tall and can “reach all” the way up to the top shelf.

          Post codes are quite good too, again, my mum’s postcode ends in the letters “DD” so it’s easy to remember “Dozey Dora”.

          The last three letters of the number plate on our last car was “SNV”, I remember being very much amused when we parked it next to one ending in “FLU”, I guess they both had colds that day.

          Any way, I’ll leave you with one final picture of Sully, the sunrise again, because I did enjoy what my little red camera did for me on that morning.

2012-01. Sully sunrise.


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