Hello again

2012-01. Murky marina.

          Hello again, I’ve been busy, but I’m still here.

          What have I been up to ?

          Well, in short, I was preparing for a weekend away in Kent with the camera … two castles, a cathedral, a fort, a long winding river, and a marina.  The forecast was for sunshine on Saturday and white cloud on Sunday, sound good ?

          As with the best laid plans, they didn’t all work out as I thought, the sunshine was a day early so most of it had come and gone by the time we arrived on Friday, Saturday was dry though, with no rain, but nothing could have prepared me for Sunday,  Thick fog ! This was a new one on me, it took a bit of getting used to but after a little practice I had a great time, even if I did lose my fingers on more than one occasion. 

          The picture above was taken of one of the marina basins.  Lots more photos to follow once I sort them out.

          So, what else have I been up to ?

          I took Meanderer’s advice and visited a website called “Blurb”.  That was it, I was hooked.  I’ve put together a book of my photos and think I’ve almost finished editing it so I’ll give you a link to a preview in the next few days.

          One other thing, I’ve decided to poke a toe out from behind the camera and test the water, I’ve changed my user name to Sallyann.  This is me, it’s similar enough to Hallysann (which is a name Middle Daughter invented for a Pokemon project ages ago) for most people not to notice but I know there are one or two of you who will notice immediately, so sorry about the confusion.


8 thoughts on “Hello again

  1. The fog makes a good backdrop doesn’t it?

    I’m pleased you’ve made a book – can’t wait to see it. Blurb is such a good idea and the books are so nice. On an Art Trail I went on last year, a professional painter used Blurb to produce small books of his work and I was very impressed.

    Like the new name 🙂

    • I did have fun with the fog eventually, it took a bit of practice though. I had most of the day to play so I returned to the same photo spots as the fog lifted to see the different effects.

  2. Yep, I noticed the name change as soon as I opened the email notification! I need to get mine changed as well….
    I look forward to your book links and I love this shot – it has a timeless feel.

  3. Catching up and reading the blogs backwards so know that you have changed the name. Good to meet you Sallyann. Congratulations on the book – it looks great. 😛

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