Marina maintainance

          We went to Southampton on Saturday, just for the day while Hubby was playing an away match again.  My sister came too, with her new camera so, despite the cold, we searched out the pretty spots to have a play.

          The sun was out when we arrived at the centre but disappointingly hid behind the clouds as we neared the marina.  We were well wrapped up against the cold anyway so wandered around to the far side where we spotted a tiny little boat weaving in and out of the larger ones.  As we got closer we could see why … it was breaking up the ice on the surface of the marina to make it easier for the larger boats to move.  It was quite strange watching them crunching around in the water and pushing huge slabs of ice around as they went.

          Slightly further around the marina, the noise was a lot more mechanical, we spotted a dredging boat with a huge red digger splashing into the water to pull up the sludge from the bottom.  I didn’t quite manage to catch the huge splashes and as for the sludge … I’ll leave that picture to your imagination.

           More from before: Off the beaten track in “Southampton“.


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