Snow visit

          I’ve already mentioned that my sister came to visit last weekend.  On Saturday night it snowed and settled so on Sunday when she was due to drive home we went out for a practice run to check out the roads and driving conditions before she left.

          We left via the front door, taking huge steps to tread in the footprints Hubby had made on his way out to work earlier.  I finally got to try out my new wellies in some real weather (I’ve worn them once in the rain before but that doesn’t really count), they stood up to the snow extremely well and my toes inside stayed warm and wriggley.

         Once out of the carpark, the roads were fine.  We picked up Mum-in-law and drove for about half hour to check out the motorway, stopped for coffee with Eldest daughter and after a quick stop at the local supermarket dropped off Mum-in-law and came back home.

          As we neared the front door Sister commented on the new footprints going towards the door and although I dismissed them as the postman, we couldn’t find any post.  Inside the house I noticed half a strand of uncooked spaghetti and immediately guessed that Youngest daughter had been to visit and had been looking in the cupboard for something to eat.  (at this point I didn’t notice the silver-grey gloves on the worktop next to the spaghetti).

           I tried to ring her but as usual got no answer (she’s a bit like the scarlet pimpernel these days) so I left a text message to say sorry we’d missed her.  Then I glanced outside to the back garden to check what Alice had been up to while we were out.

          Spaghetti explained !

          Unfortunately the snowman had already started to melt.  The twig in the pot had been his mouth and the lonely green pea on the table had been the third button on his jacket.  The little black hat was from a wine bottle disguise Hubby had been given for Christmas.

          Enjoy the smile … I did.


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