Shall we dance ?

          The title of this post has nothing what so ever to do with the post itself, but after a visit to Judith’s blog this morning I’m still humming the tune as I type. Guess which film I’ll be watching during my ironing marathon this afternoon ?

          I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to respond to another of Judith’s posts from a way back in October, “What lurks in your garden”, and although my garden is a little bedraggled at the moment the snow does a wonderful job of covering up all the messy bits so here are a few of the pretty bits lurking in my garden amongst the snow.

          The clock was a christmas present from Mum-in-law a few years back, it’s double-sided so I can see the time from the kitchen window.  I don’t wear a watch so you wouldn’t believe how many clocks there are in my house.  At the very top of the clock picture you can just make out the little birds house  fixed to the trellis above.  There are no birds in it but maybe one day when the pyracantha grows around it enough to entice some to move in there.

          This is the side flowerbed, I’m hoping that the pyracantha, with its red berries, will eventually grow to cover the whole of next door’s shed wall, in the meantime, I’ve protected the lower stems with pieces of slip hose pipe because two certain little furry rabbits seem to like the taste very much.

          You can see my “crates” along the bottom of the bed, well, this is me thinking inside the box instead of outside for a change.  Again the pretty little hebe bushes had turned into the latest delicacy  and were all but eaten away.  I rummaged around in the shed for as many bits of wood as I could find, cut them to size and made them into crates.  I used to play with lollypop sticks as a kid and used the same principle to build the crates, put down two parallel sticks, turn 90 degrees and put down two more, and so on, until they were tall enough.  Alice can’t jump on top of the crates to eat the pyracantha, nor can she get to the hebes inside them.  However, the plan is that we work together and as the bushes grow enough to poke out through the sides of the crates, Alice will keep them trimmed and looking neat and tidy for me.

          The plants in the big pot are plastic, hey you didn’t really expect me to be happily growing greenery in there did you ?  The tree in the pot is my poor mountain ash.  I sent away for it with some t-bag tokens years ago and when it arrived it was only about a foot (30cm) high.  It’s roots are restricted in the pot so it’s gradually turning into a semi-bonsai tree, I’ll compare the leaves to the full size ones around the corner in a post later post.  This is the tree I’m having ant trouble with, the ants keep eating all my berries.

          That’s Alice’s hutch you can see on the right of the picture, and did you spot the lizard ?

10 thoughts on “Shall we dance ?

  1. I love the clock! I don’t like wearing watches but also like to know what the time is. I’d like a garden clock 🙂

    Your garden looks so neat and pretty. I hope your Mountain Ash does well for you this year despite those pesky ants!

    • I’ve cut down the work in my garden by making three little flowerbeds, one next to nextdoor’s shed wall, one at the end of my shed (shown in an earlier post oranger and oranger) and one in the bottom corner. I’m still working on a compromise as to how much of the garden “belongs” to Alice and how much to me though. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the pingback and hey two mentions in this post. I do love the garden clock. I have never seen one but I am about to start looking.
    I love what you are doing withyour garden and it inspires me. 😀

    • The clock doesn’t keep perfect time, one side gains about 5 mins a day on the other one but I like the look of it. Has what I’m doing with my garden inspired you to get a rabbit too ?

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