Spot the difference

          Looking through my snow photos, it occurred  to me that I’d taken very similar photos before so I dug a little into the files and came up with a couple of matches.

          Here’s a picture of the bandstand in the local park, taken last weekend in the snow …

          And a similar photo taken from amongst pretty much the same bushes back in august 2010.

          Another snow picture in the same park taken through the trees …

          And taken from more or less the same place in August 2010 …

          More from before : bits of “Bicester“.

11 thoughts on “Spot the difference

  1. I like the photos through the tree – reminds me of The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. Could I please use this photo in another post about the poet. Thanks. Judith.

  2. Laughing at the first comment. 🙂 Great photos, but the one that really drew me in was the snow photo through the lane of trees. Makes me want to step right into it.

    I do that all the time. Well, every day pretty much now that I think about it since most of the photos on my blog are from my walks around the pond.

    • Thanks, I like the tree one best too, the snow seems to make it look more 3D.
      As for your pond, I don’t think we’ll ever get fed up of walking around it with you, it’s such a lovely place to be. Thanks again. 🙂

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