Something non-grey

          Spring is just around the corner, the daffs are getting taller, I’ve seen one or two snowdrops and even the odd crocus but the days still seem to be more than a bit grey.  The ever faithful “BBC Weather” site has forecast rain for this afternoon which surprisingly made me smile.

          Do you remember my visit to the Isle of Wight, would you believe it was only five months ago ? I bought an umbrella from one of the charity shops, “The Earl Mountbatten Hospice Trust“, and according to Hubby paid well over the odds for just an umbrella.  This wasn’t just any umbrella though, the trusts symbol is a sunflower so you can imagine what my umbrella looks like.

         Here’s another surprising fact … I’ve only used my umbrella once !  It’s either been too windy or I’ve been given a lift by the increasing number of drivers in my family, or I’ve been on my way, or way home, from work where as much as I would have liked to use the giant sunflower, it’s too big to fit in my locker and I’m not happy with leaving it in the cloakroom for it to be “spirited away” so I’ve used the large orange umbrella my sister sent me through the post.

          I’m off to town later with Youngest daughter and even if I don’t get to use my sunflower umbrella I’ll take it out into the garden with the camera for you to see anyway.

          The thought of my giant sunflower set me thinking of the Isle of Wight for a brighter picture for today’s post so I dug around in the files and came up with this one …


          Enjoy ! 

          More from before – Holidaying in the “Isle of Wight“, September 2011.


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