Giant sunflower

          Yesterday I was planning to use my giant sunflower umbrella. This didn’t happen, Youngest daughter looked astounded when I suggested we walk in the rain, and you can imagine my arm was twisted right up behind my back to force me into the car instead.

          Guessing this might be the case I took the umbrella outside in the early drizzle and placed it where the wind allowed on the table, Alice was nice enough to pose for the shot too.

          There’s a bit of tidying up needed in this corner before the good weather finally arrives, you can see the flowerbed pictured in “Shall we dance” from a more front-on angle. I’m enjoying collecting my garden ornaments, you can see the lizard on the post, and the clock but here you can also see the worm head poking out of the pot on the table, (the plant has been long since eaten) and the grey stone near the pot is actually a frog.  I’ll take a close-up of that one later, it’s been carved out of a pebble and nicely polished but is looking a bit bedraggled because a certain furry friend tends to pick up stones and move them around the garden.  The frog has suffered more than a few scratches.

          Alice’s hutch is propped open on the right, once she’s let out in the morning she just hops in and out at will.  We had a bit of a scare yesterday, Youngest came in the front way and announced that the side gate was wide open ! Oh No ! I checked Alice and she was quite happily snoozing on her shelf completely unaware of the gateway to the busy traffic outside.  The only reason I can think of for it being open is the handle must have been knocked by the wheelie bin on Friday as we took it out or in and then the wind from yesterday morning blew it open.  I did put a bolt on the top but it appears I put it on wrong so I’ve bought a little 45p plate to screw in place to fix it.

          I’d like to find something to put on the fence above Alice’s hutch but I can’t decide what yet, it’s a bit like having a blank wall in the room and wanting to hang a picture but being unable to decide which one to put there.   I had thought about a weathervane, I’ve seen a few different ones at the local garden centre, but I think a weathervane would look better attached to a post on the other shed.  You can see where I mean in the post “Oranger and oranger” … I think I’d move the little bird house further to the right and nestle it amongst the branches then fix an eight foot (2.4m) piece of wood to the side of the shed with the weathervane on top of that. 

          Another thing I’ve thought about is I’ve spotted some small solar lamps (a little larger than egg cup size), I thought they’d be nice bedded inside the crates with the bushes in so that the light can shine through the slits like lanterns in the evening.  I’d have to be careful where I placed them but that side of the garden gets the sun from about 10am to 4pm so as long as they’re not hidden under the bushes they should get enough sunlight to charge up each day.

          One job which needs doing soon is the path, last year I was out for ages clearing the moss which had sprung up over winter in between the brick of the patio and path, this year I’ve got it sussed … I’ve been out already in the wet weather, and a quick swipe with a wire brush clears it off as easily as anything.

          Enjoy the garden, I could bring you a glass of lemonade to sit at the patio table with Alice if you’d like, but I don’t think she’d be too pleased at sharing the umbrella.

5 thoughts on “Giant sunflower

  1. It will be lovely to have some good weather to enjoy the garden! I like the idea of small solar lights – they look so pretty in the evening.

    Yes – moss on paths can be so dangerous. Last year, in my haste to feed the birds before dashing indoors to fetch my camera, I slipped very awkwardly on damp moss. I had a painful knee for months!

    Love the umbrella 🙂

    • At a penny each my umbrella only has to raise 1000 smiles to have more than paid for itself. 😀
      It works on the same principle of when I used to pay the girls 10p per item to do the ironing for me, if I bought myself a dvd from the bargain shelf at £2.99, then stood and ironed 30 items while watching it, I had essentially got it for free. 😀

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