Grandma Sarah

          I said a while back that I would tell you about my Great-great-great Grandmother, well here she is, my Great-great-great Grandma Sarah.


          Sarah was born in 1905 in a little Cambridgeshire village.  She married my Great-great-great Grandpa, John, on the Christmas Day of 1821.  They had 12 children !

          After Grandpa John died in 1875 she moved to live with her youngest daughter, as was often the case, in Sheffield, where she lived to the grand old age of 94.

          She died of the shock from a fractured thigh, an inquest found that this was sustained accidentally.  Imagine how much living she managed to squeeze into her 94 years, quite an achievement in itself at the time she was living, how many marriages, births and deaths she would have seen, how much gossip she would have shared with friends and family, the scandals and the grand occasions she would have seen, and imagine how much fun I had finding out about it all.

           This photo was shared with me via e-mail from a lady who has it in a box underneath her bed in Australia.  I’ve since lost touch with her but she gave me permission to share it, thanks again Sally.

          More from before : Fun, facts, and juicy bits from my “Family tree.

10 thoughts on “Grandma Sarah

    • Thanks, Grandma Sarah went to live with the wealthier side of the family – policemen, teachers and factory managers. Most of my line were dock yard Labourers so there probably weren’t any photos of them until it became a little cheaper to have them taken.

    • Oops, just realised I didn’t reply.
      I’ve taken my tree back to 1598 (with a little help from my tree-friends), the more you find out, the more you find that you don’t know.
      And yes, the photo of Grandma Sarah was a wonderful addition. Thanks.

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