Looking out of the window before I left work this morning I was greeted by a thick fog and was almost tempted to stay an extra half hour or so for it to be light enough to take a couple of fog photos on the way home … No chance … the half hour was mine not theirs so I set off home with possible intentions of venturing back out once daylight had appeared.  Again no chance … I fell asleep on the settee and the thought of getting wrapped up and going back out into the cold lasted for less than a second so here are a few more of the fog photos I took on the Sunday morning on our Medway weekend …

          This line of boats faded into the distance …

          The building you can just about make out in the background is the hotel we were staying at …

          And as the fog started to lift slightly you can see the tops of these two tall buildings, earlier they only looked as high as two story-houses.



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