Staying on the Medway theme, I spent the Saturday before the fog in Rochester.  They’ve got a castle and a cathedral so there was plenty for the camera to play with.  The day wasn’t as bright at it had been forcast, but there again, bright sunshine would have made dark shadows so maybe it was better this way.

          I arrived in Rochester before the shoppers and wandered around with the camera for a bit, then found a nice bakery with a cafe upstairs … toasted teacake for breakfast … before having a large cheese and cucumber roll made to order for lunch, collecting a few other goodies for my picnic and setting off for my 45 minute stroll back to the hotel .

          The tourist information lady assured me it would only take about 45 minutes, she didn’t account for my camera, and my detouring this way and that along the way.  I think it was a good four hours later when I finally put my feet up with a coffee and my laptop to view the results of the morning’s stroll.

4 thoughts on “Rochester

    • I’ll bet they could tell a few tales too, we went inside the cathedral on the Friday afternoon but I decided against going up the castle steps, needing to pace myself for the “stroll” back. 🙂

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