Liquid sunshine

          No chance of any real sunshine today so I took the sunflower out in search of a little liquid sunshine instead.  At a penny a smile it must be well on the way to paying for itself by now.

           I stopped at the perfect spot where I found the “Umbrella puddle” for the orange umbrella …

          I set off to see how many smiles I could find, and it wasn’t long before I found this one …

          I stopped to take a picture of a couple of other umbrellas which always manage to make me smile …

          After forcing myself to drink a medium, skinny, de-caf latte (my arm was twisted right up behind my back to do this) I stopped again outside to catch my reflection in the red window (much to the amusement of my curious on-looker) before my soggy feet squished their way back home again.


14 thoughts on “Liquid sunshine

  1. I really love the first image – it makes a wonderful abstract!

    All those poor damp tables and chairs – what a sad sight. I didn’t go out but have been watching the rain through the window 🙂

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