Watery sunshine

          I’ve been following a blog called “Suefloatography“, I’ve been lucky enough to find Sue at the beginning of what looks to be an exciting journey, she’s planning on starting a new life on the canals.  Sue sounds as if she’s in need of a little sunshine and encouragement at the moment so I’ve dug into the files and found some more sunshine from the Banbury Canal Day back in October of last year.  Maybe you drop into her blog and help with the encouragement.

          More from before: Various visits to “Banbury“.

13 thoughts on “Watery sunshine

  1. Such lovely cheery colours! I love walking alongside canals and have always fancied living on a canal boat. I’ll pop over and have a look at Suefloatography 🙂

  2. Thank you much for the lovely words. I’m really glad you’re enjoying my tales, I like yours too.
    You must be in Banbury too, it was so busy that day!! Lovely photo’s

    • Not quite in Banbury, but just a short train ride away.
      It was a good day though wasn’t it … good weather, good food, good dancing, and good fun. 🙂

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