Not the best picture in the world of the Eifel Tower, but I like it.

          Hubby told me today that I have to brush up on my French because he’s booked us a few days away in France in July.  Not Paris this time though, we’re off to Nice, somewhere new.  I’ll have to do some serious research into what’s there and where to go.

          Hubby’s French is pretty good when it comes to ordering food, coffee and beer, but he’s too used to easily making himself understood so gets frustrated when he can’t, where as people very often don’t understand what I’m saying, even in English, so although my conversation skills are a mix of French and English, I usually manage to make myself understood when it matters.

           More from before: “Paris” … and not just in the springtime.


12 thoughts on “Frenglish

  1. I write my blog in English, Spanish and French even I do not manage those languages. Your photo from Tour Eiffel is awesome. Anyway people understand me. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by.
      I’ll call in at your blog and maybe try and read the French part … followed by the English part to see how much I got right. 🙂

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