Porto Cristo

          Another dip into the archives … this is part of the beach at Porto Cristo, taken way back in 2004.

         The memory of our only family holiday abroad, to Majorca, is almost faded into oblivion now.  I have a few photos and I can recall where we were when they were taken but the memories drift in and out of the focus of my brain appearing in a different order each time.

          We didn’t plan a visit to Porto Cristo, we happened to be there by accident … quite literally.

          We were staying in a resort in Alcudia and had hired a car for a couple of days to see a bit more of the island.  Hubby was driving and he managed to hit a large stone at the side of the road and dent the rim of the wheel.  There was no spare wheel in the car, after a bit of debate we worked out that the repair kit was a canister full of foam which you had to squirt into the flat tyre to inflate it enough to take you to the nearest garage.

          I remember being at the garage where we waited for ages, and buying a variety of strange cakes and biscuits as lunch for three very bored teenage girls.  I also remember being at the car hire office in Porto Cristo.  How we got there is anybody’s guess but we soon found out that the wheels weren’t covered with the hire car insurance, (odd, like having health insurance which doesn’t cover your feet), we had to pay out to cover the cost of the new wheel before they would give us a replacement car to drive back to the Alcudia office.

          On a happier note, we had a quick scoot (on foot) around Porto Cristo before returning.  I remember walking along the path with Mum-in-law whilst Hubby and the three girls went on ahead.  You can see them in the picture standing next to a cave a the end of the path.

          Sun umbrella” is a previous post about our Alcudia holiday.


7 thoughts on “Porto Cristo

  1. Sometimes the places and things we find by accident (and people too) are the very best. Thanks for sharing that memory with us. Strange about the car insurance…

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