Strimming the edges

          I guess Alice thinks it’s spring too now because she’s nesting.  Although I do seem to complain at how much she “eats” the garden, she has done a wonderful job of keeping the grass cut during the mild autumn and winter months and now  she’s even strimming the edges ready for summer for me.

          I’ve had a bit of a result with the corner flowerbed, I’ve actually managed to find a fence which looks nice and which Alice hasn’t managed to get around, through, or over (as yet).  This is how much “Whiteflock” (I think Meanderer said it was called “Snow in Summer) we had in the corner bed when Alice arrived, (back in the time when “Alice” was still Roger).

          “Rabbitt“, my previous furry friend didn’t eat the Whiteflock at all, but Alice has taken quite a liking to it and it’s been pretty much scalped during the non-growing season, add this to the fact that I’ve just cut the size of the corner bed in half and cleared the outside area ready for grassing, the bed is looking a little sad at the moment.

         However, I’ve bought some pretty little fence panels, and after a lot of experimenting, trial and error, putting them up, seem to have got a result.  Poor Alice is very frustrated at seeing the bulbs growing inside and not being able to get at them, but I’m hoping the Whiteflock will grow through the fence with its usual weediness speed this spring and Alice can share it.

          Here’s a rather be-draggled looking flowerbed with a rather frustrated Alice poking her head through the fence and being just unable to reach the delicacies inside.

          The picture quality isn’t good because it’s taken by peeping though the blinds on the kitchen window, like most naughty little children, Alice knows she shouldn’t be trying to get through the fence and runs away as soon as the back door is opened.  Hopefully in a couple of months I’ll have a much nicer picture of the corner bed to show you.


14 thoughts on “Strimming the edges

  1. That’s so funny! Alice is such a character 🙂 I love your new theme by the way – it’s good to have a change. It’s like having new wallpaper and paint 🙂

    • I had some really rubbish shots of her pulling the grass, then a dogs bark made her freeze while she had her mouth full … perfect timing. 🙂
      Wow ! digital wallpaper for the house … now there’s a gap in the market ! 😀

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