I’ve posted about Llandudno before, once about a wonderful  Italian restaurant in “Good Food” and again when I found the “Transforming window cleaners“.  Both photos were from the same visit in September 2009.

          Photos from an earlier visit in 2007 had disappeared into one of those cyberspace black holes but today they turned up again so here’s a look at a little more of Llandudno.

          Llandudno is a holiday resort on the north coast of Wales, edged on one side by the Great Orme (pictured above) and on the other by the Little Orme, both are good mini-mountains for walking up, but since I’m pacing myself, I persuaded Hubby to take the cable car both up and down.

          The pier is of the typical old-fashioned holiday style, full of wonderful trinket shops and a small fairground.  This is the view of it on the walk up to the cable car station.

          And the view from the top is more than worth the cost of the cable car ride if you don’t fancy the walk.

          You can see the Little Orme in the distance, beyond the sheltered prom and the cable cars.


15 thoughts on “Llandudno

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  2. We,ve been a few times to Llandudno but never been on the cable car or the pier either… it,s a great little place. Their are some great places in Wales left back in the past.

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