Another outing for the “Llandudno” photos from 2007 before they disappear back into the black hole again …

          You’ve probably guessed from yesterday’s post that the angle of the pier against the Great Orme in the first photo meant that I was sitting in the sea, well not quite, we took a boat trip around the pier.  If you look closely at the second picture, you can see someone else taking the same trip.

          The seagulls were playing at the end of the long jetty, their feet touching the solid surface as the waves bobbed them up and down against it …

          There was a long, un-nerving walk along the narrow jetty to reach the boat, more than one person got their feet wet, the waves biting at their heels as they jumped into the boat …

          But with views like these, hidden from dry land, our bobbing little taxi ride was just as entertaining as the cable car later …



4 thoughts on “Seaview

    • Glad you liked them, since Wales has a lot of coastline I guess there are a lot more seaside pictures to be taken than just these few. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by, call again any time. 🙂

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