Daffodil sunshine

          This is the image which greeted me as I came down the stairs this morning.  The sun was bright and early and at just the right angle for the gap between the two house shadows to catch the daffodils in the front garden … plus I’d forgotten to close the curtain on the front door before I went to bed so the daffodil sunshine lit up the whole passage to start the morning with a smile.

          I had to nip into Oxford to one of the shops so, of course, I took my camera along and went for a stroll in University Parks before getting the bus back.

          Their daffs are coming out too …

2012-03. Daffodil head.

          These two little crocuses were smiling for the camera too …

           More from before : a dip into the archives for more “Flora, Fauna and Merryweather“.


14 thoughts on “Daffodil sunshine

  1. Look at all of those beautiful March daffodils! I love this time of year, coming out of the dark and gloom and into a world full of bright little blooms!

    I also like your new look! Very colorful and welcoming!

    • Thanks, the window didn’t show quite how bright the daffodils make the passage in the morning, it’s lovely to see, even with blury morning eyes. 🙂

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  3. Pingback: Making a splash | Photographic Memories

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