Making a splash

          On Monday during my stroll in The University Parks there was most definitely a SPLASH !  Unfortunately I missed it with the camera so you’ll have to take my word for it and use your imagination.

          I went in through the main gate and as I walked further towards the river the sounds of the traffic gave way to the birds singing.  I could hear a lawnmower in the distance and the odd crack of a hammer as someone else was taking advantage of the sunshine too.

          My walk took me past yesterdays “Daffodil sunshine” and down to the ducks at the pond shown in one of November’s posts, “Ginger tree” and all the time the lawnmower was getting louder and more persistent, the gardener must have had a pretty big lawn.

          Eventually even I worked out it was too loud to be an ordinary gardener and as I passed the bridge the picture became all too clear …

With their orange hard-hats on the opposite river bank two groundsmen were hard at work making the park pretty.  I’m guessing the tree had died or become unsafe, but for whatever reason they appeared to be slicing it into a neat pile of wooden discs.  I just watched for a while then decided by positioning myself underneath a tree on my side of the river, I could crouch down into the daffs to find a different angle. 

          A good few photos later I emerged and checked my screen to make sure I was happy with my results.  

          Then it happened … SPLASH !

          How stupid could I be, of course they weren’t taking the tree down a slice at a time.   Arrrrghhh !

          The two remaining trunks of the tree fell, one into the river with a huge splash and the other onto the pile of sliced wood, only just missing one of the groundsmen as he jumped clear.  I stomped off frustrated and annoyed at myself for not realising sooner what was about to happen and staying where I was for just another five minutes. 

          And in my annoyance didn’t even think to take a photo of the fallen tree either.


6 thoughts on “Making a splash

  1. Ah, yes … missing the moment: the bane of photographers everywhere! But I’m sure you’ll remember this lesson next time you’re crouched among the daffodils. 🙂 (And if it’s of any consolation, you got some lovely shots, just the same!)

  2. It is so frustrating when something like that happens. For me, it’s usually something I see whilst in the car but it’s too late to stop and photograph it 🙂

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