Birds eye view

          I’m impatiently waiting for the go-ahead to plant grass seeds around the newly shrunken corner flower bed, so in the meantime I’m taking a trip back to the garden in 2003.

          The plan was for the old patio slabs and the concrete path to the back gate to come up and be replaced by block bricks.  I really don’t like workmen coming into my space but on this occasion Hubby arranged it so I kept my nose out (mostly) and let them to get on with it (without my interfering).

          I did, however, peer out of the back bedroom window on many occasions to see what they were up to, taking a photo of my bird’s eye view each evening after they had left.

           I didn’t think to take one before they started, I’ve got various shots taken around the garden from before, but this is the first of the window watching pictures.

          It had been noisy all day, the old slabs had disappeared and a huge digging machine had moved in. The bench and wooden plant boxes were neatly stacked against the rickety old side fence. You can see where I had moved the tiny plants from my flowerbed behind the shed to the border along the back fence for safe keeping.

          Stone and rubble everywhere, not to mention those huge stacks of bricks on my grass, I could have cried – I could have, but I was good and didn’t.

          By day three, the digger had gone, there was a sort of framework laid down for the patio, and the sun was trying to make everything look a bit better.

          At the end of day four the patio and path were finished … but look at the mess of the rest of the garden.

          Finally, the workmen moved out and left me in peace to pick up the pieces.  To be fair, they did a really good job, even re-doing the curve around the shed for me because I didn’t like the way they did it at first and they put a little wall around my flowerbed behind the shed, this is featured in “Oranger and oranger“.

          Next it was my turn to pick up the pieces and make it look pretty again, bearing in mind how green my fingers ARE NOT !

          I’ll show you a little more of the garden’s journey to where it is now over the next few posts while I’m patiently (ha ha) waiting for the grass planting season to begin.


11 thoughts on “Birds eye view

    • I like to compare the before and afters too, I’ve got a couple more up my sleeve, I’ve got the rest of the week off at home so I’m catching up on a few things, and of course, blogging a bit more. 🙂

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