Window boxes

          Following on from yesterday’s post, I’ve found an earlier picture of the old slab patio taken in the January before the workmen started.  I haven’t got the wooden window boxes anymore but they tell a story too.

          We lived in Milton Keynes before we moved to our home now and when we moved in to the Milton Keynes area it was still a building site.  The neighbour was friendly with the workmen building the fences and was given permission to collect whatever wood he needed to add a trellis to his fence and anything else he wanted so his back garden turned into a timberyard for a few months.  He made his wife some boxes for a herb garden and very neatly lined them with plastic sheeting to protect the wood.  Knowing my limitations as a gardener I asked for mine to be made the right size to fit pots in, the thought was that if I killed off the contents of one pot, the others still had a good chance of surviving.

          You can see the bench and the window boxes sitting proudly on the new patio …

          The daffs in the pots are doing well and the tree in the pot is the mountain ash I mentioned in the post “Shall we dance ?

          Just at the bottom left of the picture you can see how the manhole cover has been paved as well.  The old patio slabs half covered it but this cover is a strange tray-like contraption filled with the blocks and the whole tray literally lifts up to give access to the manhole below.  The whole patio still shows a dusting of sand, this was left with instructions for us to just keep sweeping it around as the rain made the sand between the bricks settle so that it filled in any gaps.

          The fence panel behind the bench, the window, and the ivy have their own amusing story to tell, but I’ll save that for another date when we all need another smile.

          April 2003 …

          I’m not a big fan of the disposable lifestyle of today, I’m always making do and mending so imagine my frustration when the slatted seat on my old bench split and it was going to cost more to replace the slats than it was to buy another bench.  The sides of the old bench had been carefully painted with red hammerite, partly to protect the metal, but mostly to add a splash of colour to the garden in the winter but to go and buy hardwood slats of the right size would cost over twice the price of a new bench, so here you see the new (green) bench with its new treated slats on the new patio.  Check out the tree’s box and you’ll see Toffee our cat enjoying the sunshine too.

          And finally for today, a view from the back gate, taken in the April of 2003…

          The grass really was as green as it looks here, I had been very good and watered it every day.  We’d bought some bags of topsoil and grass seeds and managed to pick the perfect planting time for a perfect lawn.

          This was 2003 and there’s another 9 years of garden to get to today (where did that go ?) so not wanting to risk it becoming boring I’ll take a gardening break (on the blog at least) and come back to it again in a few weeks.

7 thoughts on “Window boxes

    • We haven’t had enough rain here this year, we’ll all have hosepipe bans through the summer.
      The garden here was back in 2003. No sign of any rabbits yet, but did you spot the cat on the tree box ? 🙂

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