Camping trip

We all went camping,
It was lots of fun.
Not just for me
But for everyone.

We waded in the river
And walked along the bank
Then I threw a twig in and guess what?
It sank!

The sun was shining brightly
Shooting off its beam
When Lorraine lost her flip-flop
And it floated down the stream.

She screamed and yelled
“What shall I do?
My mum will kill me
I’ve lost my shoe.”

I waded in, into the river
It was cold; I gave a shiver
I kept on going and reached the bank
Just as the wood I was standing on, sank!

I ran along the bank
Picked up a piece of tin
And when I came to the flip-flop,
I waded quickly in.

I tried to reach it with the tin
But it was far to short.
So I stood still to have a think.
“A piece of wood”, I thought.

Just then one floated past my feet
Out went my hand, “I’ve got it.”
My hand went out once more, and then,
“Hurray! Lorraine, I’ve got it!”


5 thoughts on “Camping trip

    • I wrote this poem when I was about 13, Lorraine was my cousin and it was a double family camping trip. The poem was an awful lot longer, but the written version was lost and this is the only section my memory managed to save. 🙂

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