Tree watching

          Rosemary’s been watching her adopted trees, the Willow and the Horse Chestnut come out in spring buds, and it make me think about my poor Mountain Ash tree which has managed to survive two rabbits, only to have its flowers eaten by the ants.   I’ve moved it from its usual place between the side flowerbed and Alice’s hutch to the other end of the patio, against the house between the back door and the kitchen window and although I can’t put any sort of ant powder down in the garden, I can put something underneath the tree pot.

         The buds are open and they’re getting ready to give out their pretty white flowers.  It’s the flowers that the ants seem to like, there are supposed to be little red berries to give it colour through the winter but we haven’t seen any for a good few years, maybe this year.  The keys hanging on the wall are one of my garden ornaments, they’re just starting to rust nicely.

          Since I was out there with the camera I took a couple more shots of bits and pieces around the garden which are starting to wake up too. 

          The orange Pyracantha on the shed wall is full of new shoots, but no sign of flowers yet …

          And although she makes sure nothing else grows in the bottom of the flowerbed, Alice is keeping the stray Pyracantha shoots very much under control at the base of the plant …

          On the other side of the garden one of the wooden crates I made for the small bushes seems to be doing its job well, the bush has grown nicely and is sprouting its new red leaves …

          A couple of the other crated bushes haven’t fared so well but I think just one tall stick in the middle should put Alice off next time she tries to jump inside.

          The fence on the corner bed is still holding up and I have all sorts of bulbs coming up, it’s been so long since they’ve got to this stage that I’ve forgotten what was planted.


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