Wordless weekend

          My head’s a shed this weekend, everything I could possibly need is in there, I just can’t pinpoint exactly where it is at the moment.  My concentration is too shot to string more than a few words together so I’ve been playing with pictures instead.  Here are a few of the Oxford ones I’ve been sorting into the archives …


14 thoughts on “Wordless weekend

    • Thanks, the boats in the second one are just around the corner from “The Head of the River” pub which crops up in lots of my photos because walking by the river is so relaxing. 🙂

  1. Wowowow what has happened with your blog Sallyann! you just created a totally new style, lovely, congratulations! I see you like piny tones 🙂 Maybe because it suits with the your pink pocket camera?

    By the way, did you assist to the Cambridge vs Oxford races in the river?

    • Thanks, I re-decorated here on the blog. I wish it was so easy in real life. 🙂
      I wasn’t there for the boat races but I did watch part of it on the television. That’s probably why I thought of my boating picture to put at the top of this post.
      Thanks for stopping by again. 🙂

  2. Love these! My husband is originally from England and he took me thought Oxford when I visited his family. We also spent some time on the Isle of Wight and I noticed that you had a photo from there in a later post. Thanks for the great trip down memory lane 🙂

    • Thanks, I like to travel down memory lane too. I visited the Isle of Wight often as a child so the visit last summer was a return visit for me and since Oxford is just a short bus ride away from where home is now, it’s a good place to play with the camera. 🙂

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