Canal route

          Whilst on Friday “AJ” posted about “sitting on” a couple of posts about his Grand Canal walks, I spent a good hour of Friday morning “sitting” in the dentist chair with an altogether less pleasant Canal root on my mind.  I’ll not dwell too much on my aching face today, lets just say that hopefully Friday was the first step to finally being able to eat properly on the left side of my mouth again.

          Thinking of a nicer canal, with the changing season I think it’s almost time to take another walk along the “Canal Walk” between Kidlington and Oxford.  I’m still “sitting on” (to use Aj’s phrase) some of the photos I took last time, back in September, so I’ll give them another airing today.

          On of the canal residents setting off on a different mode of transport …


          A view across the canal towards the busy A34 running at a much faster pace …


          A floating shed … or maybe a spare room for visitors …


          … and I’ll save a few more for the next part of my root canal in a couple of weeks time.

           More from before: Various visits to, and from, “Kidlington“.

10 thoughts on “Canal route

    • I can’t agree more about walking along the canal, it must be a wonderful pace of life to actually live on one of those boats.
      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  1. Lovely shots. I really like canal boats and the type of life one envisages of people who live on them. I expect these days it’s hard to find permanent or even semi-permanent moorings. Poor you having to endure root canal treatment. It’s something I’ve had too. I remember having to have it just before I was about to have braces fitted!

    • Thanks, I wish the canal was nearer, I would visit it more often. I used to sit for ages with my feet dangling over the edge of a dirty, smelly, muddy boat dock as a kid but I remember it as one of the most peaceful places on earth at the time. 🙂

    • Thanks Judith, as someone who enjoys word games, and who knew about my teeth troubles, I knew you’d work it out before you read the post. 🙂
      My pocket hurts more than my face at the moment, but since I’ve been having problems with these stupid teeth for well over 18 months now I’m almost ready to use the pliers myself so … let the fun begin !

  2. Canals… boats… walking, pictures… you know what ‘floats my boat!’ haha…

    Thanks for the mention… it’s always a buzz when someone else give me a shout!

    I hope the other canal work happens speedily and painlessly! Good luck! 😉

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