In the frame

          One of the blogs I’ve been following, “The Incredible Lightness of Seeing” was just what I needed for inspiration for this post.  The blog is written by “The petal pusher” and in her latest post, “Two subjects“, I found myself in a very familiar position … peering through a hole in a wall.

          This is one of the pictures I took recently when my sister came to visit.  We were playing with one of the security barriers in an empty children’s playground …

          These two are from Peel Castle in the Isle of Man …

          Another taken peering through the rocks at the sea behind Portland Bill Lighthouse …

         These are probably not the first “framed” pictures I’ve posted, and they very probably won’t be the last.


2 thoughts on “In the frame

  1. Wonderful experimentations, Sallyann! Especially love the one with the cannon: It turns what would be an otherwise stereoptypical harbor shot into an interesting obersvation of the town’s history. Well done!

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