Strange things

          Is this a turkey, and if so, why was it wandering around pecking at the grass verge next to the main road through town early on two mornings in a row ?

          And what on earth was this scary looking bug spotted on the clock in my garden ?


12 thoughts on “Strange things

  1. I love the turkey strutting its stuff along the main road – but what is that strange bug on your clock? What a huge probiscus it has. I’ll see if I can identify it!

    • One of my Facebook friends has said the bird is a guinea fowl. I googled it and came up with a lot of matching images so that’s one puzzle solved.
      Onto the other one …

  2. I have also seen the turkey (on either side of the road!) on quite a few occasions this week. Very strange. It must be an escapee?!

    • I’ve been told now it’s a guinea fowl, this morning it tried crossing the road as I was pointing the camera at it and I ended up standing in the road with my hand up to the oncomming traffic like a lollypop lady.
      Thanks for stopping by, call again. 🙂

  3. That’s a fowl of a different disposition… guineafowl maybe?
    That’s a great fly capture! Fruitfly me thinks… you’re getting up close and personal with your macro’s now! 😉

    • Guineafowl seems to be the favourite option for the bird so far. The bug was very scary looking with its long spikey nose, but again, fruitfly seems to have the majority vote so its not at scary as it looks. (I took about five pictures to finally get this one, but I’m getting there, thanks) 🙂

    • He does have good wings doesn’t he, I’ve tried googling a few different options and still not come up with any pictures to match, the guinea fowl is there though. 🙂

  4. Guinea hens are something we’re considering getting to wander around our property. They sure are funny looking. And that bug! Very cool. 🙂

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