Wet benches

          The rain is lashing against the window today, the wind is making the house creek and the tree outside is shaking itself like a wet dog trying to shake the water off.

          Wild horses wouldn’t drag me out with my camera today so here’s a few photos of the empty park from Friday … taken from the shelter of the bandstand.

          I shared the park with a couple of people walking their dogs but that was about it, there were plenty of benches to sit and watch the flowers, but no one chose to sit on them.


5 thoughts on “Wet benches

  1. Oh, I thought you might say that. But wait: as I look out of the window now, the sky seems to be brightening up. Oh, maybe not. What about just 5 minutes without rain? No. Okay. (Sorry, it’s the cabin fever taking over again 😉 ).

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