I visited Middle Daughter this evening, armed with my little red camera with an aim to capture her little chinese hamster, Wilson.

          Hamsters are nocturnal and since Wilson is almost 3 years old now, although he’s not showing his age, he does like a lie in so needed a little poking and prodding, and tempting with his one of his favourite snacks to persuade him finally leave the comfort of his warm tissue bed.

          He was a little nervous at first, twitching his whiskers and flashing his big dark eyes at the camera … 

          But he soon succumbed to a little “training with reward” …

          Once he decided the “big” red box wasn’t going to hurt him he quite happily showed off his wheel …

          And stood up on his hind legs to collect some more of his favourite snacks as Middle Daughter offered them to him …


13 thoughts on “Wilson

    • Thanks, he wouldn’t keep still !
      I ended up focusing on middle daughter’s fingers and waiting for him to move into shot … cheating slightly, but it worked. 🙂

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