What a palava !

          I mentioned a week or so ago that I had to stay in to wait for a new internet, telephone and tv supplier to arrive.  The actual changeover went well and everything’s running smoothly.

          The palava is having to change my e-mail address with I don’t know how many sites I use online, WordPress being one of them.

          It now appears that all the blogs I’m following are on my old e-mail and I can’t find a way to transfer them.  I’m hopefully paying to keep my old e-mail for a few months yet but I’ll work my way through as the notifications arrive, un-follow on the old address and re-follow on my new address.

          As I said … what a palava !

          Oh, and another thing I’ve just notices, my comments on your blogs are coming through as a new me on my new-e-mail so will I will need to be moderated again … Arrrgh what a pain, sorry.

10 thoughts on “e-mail

  1. Sounds like a right ‘to-do’. I’ve just moderated your comment so all should be good that end. I remember swapping blog names just after I started and I had to ask subscribers to resubscribe and I lost all my likes but the comments came over.

    • Thanks, I’ve chosen a free hotmail e-mail address instead of going with the new internet providers one so hopefully I wont have to do it all again at anytime in the future.

  2. When I changed my email account I just had a forward to it from the old address. A clever friend came in and did it for me. I am sure a clever friend of yours could do the same.

    • Thanks, I have that going at the moment … the problem is I’m paying a monthly fee to my old internet provideder to keep my old e-mail address open as well as paying my new internet provider to provide me with internet. Once I stop paying the old one, the old address will just evaporate and just won’t exist anymore so I have to make sure everyone knows what the new one is … nightmare !

  3. Yikes! That is a nightmare. I went to gmail (an online based email) a few years ago because of a similar problem. Now it doesn’t matter who my internet service provider is since it’s always online.

  4. Palava! Great word… now I know why you’ve re-followed. Technology… gets one down somedays. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to re-follow OMBH. I hope your new provider works well and saves you loads of money! 😉

    • Ha ha, Hubby is very happy with the new tv box, and the new provider saves us almost enough money for me to buy a new pair of shoes each month … although I doubt that will actually happen. 😀

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