Hook Farm

          I know not everyone will be interested in this post, but for anyone wanting to see where we camped, or to actually visit the area in the future, here’s a look around “Hook Farm“, we thought it was really nice and I’m more than happy to recommend it to anyone who might want to go.  Follow the link above to their website if you’d like more information.

          The pitches were of a pretty good size, we parked the car, pitched the tent, and still had plenty of room for chairs, table or whatever else we might want to put outside.  The farm is on a hill but the site is terraced so there are plenty of flat pitches on a number of different levels. You can see what a great view we woke up to each morning being on the highest level.

          I won’t bore you with pictures of the washing facilities, but I thought this vase of dried flowers on the windowsill of the ladies shower block was a nice touch, typical of the thoughtfulness shown throughout the camp.

          There was a small, but fun looking, play area for little people,

          And a small site shop for anything which might be needed by the bigger people.

           More from before: our weeek in “Lyme Regis” in April 2012.


7 thoughts on “Hook Farm

  1. Where I come from camping is a necessity of life… pity the weather isn’t a tad more willing to participate over here… life, I suppose 😉

  2. It does look like a nice place – especially the views. The last time I camped in a tent was last September for the Swanage Folk Festival and it was during terrible weather – strong winds and heavy rain. I wasn’t a happy camper at all 🙂

    • I can imagine. I’m hoping the weather is better for the Penn Festival in July, that’s our next joint camping, although Hubby has a night in Snowdon planned in two weeks time.

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