After finding the “Cannington Viaduct”  we headed back into Uplyme …

          Uplyme is one of those typical tiny villages in the English countryside.  We found the local shop, the post-office and the garage all in one street, well actually … all in one building !  There’s a primary school, which I didn’t take photos of, (I do love playground noise, there’s something about it which makes me smile every time).  And a church, where I did exercise the camera.

          At the centre of town, seemingly the hub of most activity was the pub, The Talbot Arms.

          We spent the evenings in the Talbot arms, if the weather had been a little warmer I’m sure we would have spent more evenings just lounging around the campsite, but as the daylight disappeared so did the heating and the staff at the Talbot were very friendly and welcoming.

          As with most pretty little villages, they’re made up of lots of pretty little streets and houses, Uplyme is no exception.

           More from before: our weeek in “Lyme Regis” in April 2012.

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