Woodland wander

          Instead of leaving the campsite via styles and little bridges, this time we started off at the main entrance, turned away from the village view and headed uphill towards Ware.

          We walked along Gore lane, across the main A road, and into Ware lane, stopping to take the “Woodland bluebells” picture before we joined the woodland path to Lyme Regis.

          Still climbing, over styles and across fields, we left civilisation behind and headed upwards …

          … and finally reached Chimney Rock, a landmark pointed out to us on our map and the highest point on our walk.

         From here we were told it was all downhill, and they weren’t kidding, I’ll just add a huge thank-you here to the Nature Reserve for their work installing and up-keeping their steps.

          We followed the downwards footpath through the nature reserve and finally met up with the Coastal Path between Seaton and Lyme Regis.

          Emerging from the trees we were given our first clear view of the sea, Hubby in front as I lagged behind with the camera again.

          … and a little further on, more steps took us down towards the harbour.

          Two very different walks from Uplyme to Lyme Regis, I enjoyed both and would be very pushed to choose one of them above the other if I had to.

           More from before: our weeek in “Lyme Regis” in April 2012.


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