The Cobb

          The Cobb is the name of the harbour at Lyme Regis.  I’m not sure where it got its name, or even what the word means.  I did try looking online but I couldn’t find the answer there either so it just is “The Cobb”.

          You can see the harbour best in this picture, also posted at the end of “Lyme Walk“, we walked around the top of the outer wall and I have to admit I was very torn between looking through the camera and down at my feet to watch my footing.   Although I took a lot of boat pictures, I’m glad I was looking down too or I might have missed this one …

          I’m not too well up with my fossil identification but apparently its a turritella fossil, a sea-snail.

          Huge rocks are piled up at the end of the long wall, I guess to extend it slightly and help break the waters at the entrance of the harbour, it was a strange feeling looking out towards the end and across the water.

The steps we climbed back down to the lower level were a bit sturdier than these in the next picture, but I do love a good wall … and what a wall it was.

          I’m not good at books and reading but I do love the stories and watch a lot of films.  I have all of the Jane Austen films and while scouring the internet for the meaning of the harbour name, Cobb, I found quite a few mentions of Jane Austen’s book “Persuasion” and the part where Louisa Musgrove jumps from the steps and falls to bang her head.  I think I can remember the part clearly in my head but I’d better watch the film again, just to make sure.

           More from before: our weeek in “Lyme Regis” in April 2012.


9 thoughts on “The Cobb

  1. It is a very good wall! The Cobb was also made famous in the film ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’. It’s where Meryl Streep stands right at the end looking moody and windswept!

  2. I remember watching it many many years ago and only have vague recollections of it but the bit where Meryl stands on the Cobb in her long cloak watching out to sea is memorable.

  3. I’m sticking my neck out here… could the ‘Cobb’ be Celtic for cove? As you have a pic of a out sized pint of the black stuff at the bottom of the steps my mind drifts to Ireland? Haha… mad idea, I know! 😛
    Thanks for a great series… I’m enjoying the posts! 😉

    • I couldn’t find any meaning or reason for the name Cobb on Google so you could be right.
      Glad your’re enjoing the pictures, I enjoyed the few days taking them. 🙂

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