It’s Monday again but the weekend didn’t just disappear this time, my sister came to visit so we had quite a busy time.  Neice and Nephew were here too, so together with Eldest, Middle and Youngest daughters and three boyfriends and Mum-in-law we had quite a time on Friday when everyone came around for pizzas etc.  Hubby had slipped off to Snowdon to watch a triathlon and climb a mountain, I’m not sure how “pre-planned” this was but he appears to have enjoyed himself too so that’s ok.

          Saturday evening the girls did their own thing, I wandered off to Launton and back with Sister, and Nephew was delighted to be able to watch the football on the big tv with his cans of coke and munchies lined up ready.  It’s scary how suddenly he’s arrived at the age of 14.

          Sister and I put the world to right as we walked and talked, checking we still had some idea of the answers to “life, the universe and everything” (42ish).  We’re both in need of some general maintainance, not as much maintenance as the first building we encountered as we entered Launton, but never the less, maintainance is arranged and strategic encouragement is planned.

          It was a good, relaxing walk and we arrived back at the house just before the end of the second half  with chinese for supper picked up on route.

          Sunday morning we all met up again at the local garden centre, pootled around for a bit and then settled in the cafe area for elevensies.  Elevensies ended up being more like half-past-onesies and so it was time for everyone to say their goodbyes and go their separate ways … until next time.

          Yes … a good weekend.

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9 thoughts on “42ish

    • It was, it’s quite rare to get all three daughters in the same room at the same time recently so it was a huge bonus to have everyone else there too. 🙂

  1. It sounds like a wonderful time. Love the image you picked to go with your words.

    I’m in need of maintenance too, and have scheduled a few appointments this week to help with that. 🙂

    • Thanks, if I was a car I would have failed my M.O.T. this spring. I’ve a spot of welding and some “body work” planned and a good oil change and maybe I’ll pass it next year. 😀

  2. Fun was had by all!

    You wouldn’t be suspecting hubby of diversionary tactics, would you? 🙂 I sympathise with him… but I would have taken a slow stroll down a canal… marathons are a bit extreme!

    Look at it this way… he could have gone down to the town with his mates at trashed the place after the football… imagine! 😛

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