Jack and Jill

          Jonathan and Gillian were out walking on a lovely summers day.  Gillian looked quite the part in her buttercup yellow dress with matching sandals and Jonathan, as would seem to be the fashion, walked along hiking up his knee-length jeans as they slipped down towards his laceless trainers.  They wandered along, hand in hand, climbing a couple of styles and leaving the small village behind them as their path led them upwards.

          The sun continued to beat down on the pair and Gillian started to wish she had brought a drink with her, “let’s walk a little further”, chided Jonathan, “I’m sure there will be some sort of refreshment available at the top of the hill.

          As they climbed higher the landscape changed, the long grasses gave way to rocky outcrops.  Gillian started to complain as the path got steeper still and the wind started to whip around their shoulders.  Jonathan started to act the clown to try to make her laugh by jumping from rock to rock … until he slipped and fell down, banging his head as he landed.

          Gillian scrambled to help him up but stubbed her toe and broke a strap on her sandal, losing balance she rolled sown the steep bank and landed on the grass beside him. 

          Ouch ! she had twisted her ankle and was unable to put any weight on it.

          Jonathan left Gillian huddled against the rock for shelter and made his way back to the village as fast as he could caper to fetch help and it wasn’t long before Gillian could hear the whirring of the mountain rescue helicopter. 

          In no time at all both Gillian and Jonathan were sitting back at home next to a warm cosy fire after their chilly ordeal on the mountainside.  Gillian had just sprained her ankle and Jonathan had nothing more serious than a nasty lump on the side of his head.  He decided to go to bed, but not before popping to the local chip shop for some supper.

          The chip shop had run out of newspaper and were using parcel paper instead so they both had their chips wrapped in brown paper, with a liberal sprinkling of vinegar.


           More from before : posts about “Llanberis” and pictures of “Snowdon” from our climb in 2009.


8 thoughts on “Jack and Jill

    • Thanks, the views were taken on the way up to the top of Snowdon via the PYG track, and the story … well … I was bored in work and thought it up trying to stay awake. 😀

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