It’s jubilee weekend, congratulations to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II on her reign of 60 years.

          Working in retail sort of spoils you for most big occasions, Christmas merchandising starts in September and sometimes even before the Christmas decorations have come down, certain Easter eggs appear in the warehouse.  The overkill and commercialism of every event possible sort of takes the fun out of them, by the time this Jubilee weekend arrives I am so sick of seeing the Union Jack flag that I’ve not been out with the camera joining in with the decorating at all.

          Ok, rant over, here’s one picture that did managed to raise a smile, the little allotment I passed on my walk to Launton a couple of weekends ago.

          Have a great weekend, enjoy any days off you have.

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11 thoughts on “Flags

  1. Congratulations to Her Majesty on her long and prosperous reign! My goodness … think of the history she’s seen over those 60 years. Incredible! And thank you for bringing home a little bit of that history with your lovely photo. Great composition! 🙂

    • Thanks 😛 Sometimes I think I’m heading straight for the “Grumpy old Lady” stage, but I think sometimes a good rant does you good. 🙂

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  3. Oh, I do love the understated feel to this image. I think you’ve chosen wonderful subject matter to mark the Diamond Jubilee: an allottment – so quintissentially British! Well done 🙂

    • Thanks, you can almost see one of the gardeners taking a nap in his garden chair with a knotted hankie on his head if you think hard enough. 🙂

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