Coloured flags

          After Heather’s comment about history on yesterday’s post “Flags” I thought that apart from the colour the photo I’d taken could quite easily have been taken 35 years ago for the Silver Jubilee with the old black and white camera I had at the time so I had a go at taking the colour out.

          Then, since I was enjoying playing, I played a little more …

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4 thoughts on “Coloured flags

  1. Oh, I like it! I love the selective colouring of the flags in the second image!

    I don’t remember much about the Silver Jubilee in ’77. I was in Belgium at the time on a school trip and remember seeing something on TV involving fireworks late in the evening. I don’t remember the Golden Jubilee very much either, although I saw a clip on TV last night of Brian May playing ‘God Save the Queen’ on the roof of Buck Pal which brough a glimpse of memory back.

    • I remember we had a fancy dress street party for the silver jubilee. My younger sister had been knocked down by a car a couple of days before so our fancy dresses were changed so that she could sit in an old pushchair as the queen and my older sister and I had to go as her pageboys. We weren’t best pleased … aren’t kids lovely ! (she’d been tossed onto the bonnet of the car and then fallen to the floor and walked away with just a broken finger … very lucky – but very inconsiderate) 🙂

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