Mr Mayor

          I went to check out the floats before the carnival set off this year, one in particular caught my eye, a carriage pulled by two beautiful shire horses.  I’ve seen it before, at the “Banbury Barges” day, but didn’t manage to catch it on camera.

          I thought the dog was a wonderful touch so took a closer picture, I didn’t notice Mr Mayor waving his flag at me until I got the pictures on the bigger screen to take a better look.

          I had to smile as I snapped the dog again, I wonder what he was thinking ?


8 thoughts on “Mr Mayor

    • Thanks, I had to come back after the parade to catch 40 winks before work but the weather was kind here on Monday and I’m sure everyone enjoyed themselves … including Mr Mayor. 🙂

  1. Cute doggie 🙂 – although with that big yawn he’s displaying I’m want to think he’s thinking “not this again…”!! – He’d probably prefer a nice snooze in the sunshine 🙂

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