Jubilee dinner

          I went to visit Mum-in-Law on the way to work last night, I was snapping up another photo opportunity.  They’ve got a Jubilee Dinner arranged for today in the lounge and the table was all laid out ready yesterday evening.  I have to admit to not taking part in very much “red, white and blueing” but the lounge usually looks just like an old-fashioned christmas card at Christmastime so I knew it would be too good a picture to miss.

          I wasn’t disappointed, the chairs had been pushed back to make room for the long table, strings of flags hung from the ceiling and decorated the fireplace, the table was laid with a Union Flags table-cloth and the serviettes were covered in a pretty pattern of celebratory bunting.

          The 30 or so places were all laid out neatly with an upturned wine glass each at the ready for a toast and jugs and tall glasses waiting to be filled with other liquid refreshment.  All wonderfully matching in red, white and blue.

          I had just enough time for a quick cuppa with Mum-in-Law and as we headed to her flat we were greeted by a balloon decorating one of the other Ladies front doors, so here it is to share the smile it gave me as I spotted it.


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