I’m not what you’d call a “car” person.  They’re great for getting from one place to another but that’s about it.  I pass these two cars on my way into town though and they both make me wonder.

          I’ve watched this Landrover being restored from a rusty mess to what it is today, someone loves it and taken a lot of time and care with it.  Its gone through a few changes of colour from camouflage to the green it is at the moment. I’ve never actually seen anyone working on it though but I often wonder who has worked so hard on it.

          This green taxi has seen a lot better days.  Unlike the landrover it’s not being restored, and again I’ve never seen anyone using it, but it does disappear and move around so it is working and being used.  The thing which makes me wonder most about this old green taxi is the display on the back window shelf.

          P.s. Judith has wirtten a wonderful story about how the bonnets ended up being left in the back of this green taxi.  Check out the story in four parts … one  … twothreefour.


16 thoughts on “Cars

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  2. Hi Sallyann! I’m not a car person either – I just want to be sure of getting from A to B, reasonably economically – you can always tell my car, its the one with Levels mud, Levels cow crap and mould on! But years ago I was driving Land Rovers in Arabia and that experience has left me with a great fondness for them – if I won the Lottery, I’d probably get myself one of the non-recent models. So your top photo “resonates”! Adrian

    • You are most welcome, I love reading your stories. 🙂
      The green taxi has moved a little further down the road and a more up-to-date black taxi was parked in it’s place the other day, needless to say I snapped it quickly with the camera incase it moved on. 🙂

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