One of the best things about working nights at this time of year is that when I go for my teabreak at 3.30 am I can look out of the window and see daylight.

          Yesterday I had my camera in my bag, as is usual, and my attention was caught by a spider on the open window of the ladies cloakroom.  I tried a few times to capture the hard work he was putting in but failed terribly, I was struck however, by how much contrast you could see between the sky and the silhouetted buildings and trees below so I decided to go back and have another try last night.

          Unfortunately, not only had someone cleaned the web away (a major miracle in itself) but the clouds were so thick, and the sky so full of the hammering rain that the daylight didn’t stand a chance of getting through at all.

          Today is 21st June, officially the longest day but I should have a few more weeks to watch out for the spider making his web again, and this time I’ll check at the beginning of teabreak not the end so I won’t have to rush off.

           More from before : Out and about in all sorts of “Merryweather


13 thoughts on “Hammered

  1. Reblogged this on FATman Photos and commented:
    Here’s something definitely out of the ordinary, and which I like very much – Sallyann’s picture of a light in pouring rain. I think this is a beautiful picture, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. First there’s the beauty of the light itself, in terms of clean lines and shape, and various shades of green, and then to the incandescent burn-out of the illumination itself. Then the slanting rain hissing down all around it – you can almost hear the noise! And finally, there is the rather blurred and poorly seen vegetation of the backdrop, which seems to be cowering down before the downpour. Wonderful stuff, Sallyann, a kind of study in green! FATman

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  3. I love the sound of heavy rain on my roof particularly when I am tucked up in my warm bed.
    I am amazed at the variety in the colour green that you have captured. It’s amazing what the eye sees and the camera captures. 🙂

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