Perfect shopping

          I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  No, I’m a lot of a perfectionist.  It’s a trait I’ve inherited via my Dad from my Grandad.  One of his favourite quotes was “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well … and if it’s not worth doing well, then it’s not worth doing at all”.

          Unfortunately, this philosophy isn’t conducive to a good wardrobe of clothes. I very rarely find something I really like so I don’t buy clothes very often. I like what I’ve got and I’ll wear it to death before it finally abandons me.

          I also don’t like spending money on anything which isn’t worth every penny to me, don’t get me wrong, if I find something which I see as perfect, I’ll spend way over the odds to get it, I know I must have clothes, but it really goes against the grain spending money on something I don’t deem as perfect so I don’t see the point in spending much on an item of clothing which will sit in the wardrobe and gather dust on the coat hanger.  Thrifty I call it, Stingy my Eldest daughter called it yesterday while shopping.

          I have two events coming up, first a wedding at a music festival, and second a holiday in the sun and I literally don’t have enough clothes to  go away for a week without having to wash and iron the contents of a case for the second half of the week so I was forced into a shopping trip as a need rather than a want.  Eldest daughter came with me, her company and patience was very much appreciated, I can only imagine how frustrating I am to shop with and she is the only person who will still go with me. 

          Two weeks ago, or maybe it was three, we went to Banbury for the day where in the whole day I managed to buy two blouses and a pair of wellies in total all day (then managed to leave one of the blouses on a bench at the side of the canal).  Of course, this ruined the shopping mood and we came home, missing the one train and just sitting on the platform for the second rather than re-visiting the shops.

          Shopping trip round two was yesterday, in Oxford.  This time we spent all day in and out of shops and came away with a pair of jeans and another two tops, Hubby threw his hands up in the air in despair when he saw how little we’d bought.

          I did buy another pair of strange socks though which will make me smile again as I wear them, and I’m very, very appreciative of my shopping partner.

21 thoughts on “Perfect shopping

    • It’s nice not to be alone, there seem to be a lot of us who feel the same … but because we don’t buy very often not many people know about us. 🙂
      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  1. I just love those socks – a guaranteed smile every time! I dislike shopping for clothes. It seems as though you are also finding that the shops aren’t stocking what you need. Some of the larger stores have lots of stuff but it all looks the same – utterly safe and boring and made for very tall people! I wanted some lightweight linen trousers so went shopping for them last week and came home empty handed. Maybe we should make our own 🙂

    • Tall people, yes … I found a really nice top but it came down to almost my knees ! I can do a little alteration here and there if I really need to but it’s not fun, for instance I have to take in the jeans I bought yesterday at the back of the waist … or wear an uncomfortable belt, and I have the hem to turn up on the maxi dress for the wedding too. 😦

      • Maybe we have the seeds for a business idea. I don’t know many women who are much taller than me (5ft 3 inches in old money) and we are being short-changed in the shops 🙂 I used to shop at Principles which had a ‘Petite’ range but since someone (can’t remember who) took them over they have become more inclined towards ‘office woman’ with a very boring range of clothing 😦 I could write a lot about clothing and shops 😀

        • Next have a petit range, and yesterday when I took in the back of my new jeans from Wallis I noticed on the lable it said petit too. Good luck. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness you really do sound like me, i so seldom go anywhere that I am in possession a few farm clothes and even fewer town clothes.. and no town shoes at the mo either!! hopeless! c

    • Oh dear, we must take ourselves in hand and each go for a shopping trip when we don’t actually “need” new clothes, it’s much less stressful than suddenly finding there’s an event and you have “nothing to wear”. 🙂

      By the way, you arrived in my spam, I always check the spam because Judith has trouble with her comments there it might be a good idea to mention that on your next post incase not everyone checks. 🙂

    • 😀 Topman came up trumps again !

      I almost bought a pair with fried eggs all over them but although they made me smile I’m too old to sacrifice comfort to make the smile, and they didn’t have a high enough cotton content to be comfortable. 🙂

  3. You philosophies are rather familiar… your shopping habits the same.

    I won’t go with my better half on her excusions… no way! 😉

    My good lady too will wear somthing untill it departs. I once threatened to take her most favourite shoes off her and do a post BBQ sacrifice… which, when it happened, was enjoyed by (almost) all the family… taught her a lesson… go shopping before the stuff falls off or you! 😛

    • Thanks. They’re brilliant for raising the spirits … especially at work where I’m supposed to wear black shoes and navy trousers, each time I catch a glimpse of them I can’t help but smile.

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