See a penny …

See a penny, pick it up … all the day you’ll have good luck.


6 thoughts on “See a penny …

  1. The first time I heard that saying was when I was young (ah 🙂 ) and I was watching a film with John Travolta in it. Now it could have been Saturday Night Fever or Grease – I’m not sure.

    Have you been collecting the special Olympic 50p pieces? I believe there is a market for them on ebay. (I personally haven’t been collecting them by the way!).

    • My Nana had another saying about pennies too … Look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves. 🙂
      I’ve not seen the Olympic 50p’s, I’ll look out for them. People are strange sometimes, I wonder how much they’ll sell for on ebay 😀

  2. Well, well… I had quite a day yestrday with ‘penny’ spotting… will be on tomorrow’s post about part 2 of the CG challenge…
    My list of ‘Queenies’ as I call them, ie, Stirling coppers, is growing. I left one on the Leinster Aqueduct yesterday afternoon… 😉

    • I’m way behind with another week off coming so I’ll catch up as I can with your travels, your post with the money on the bridge prompted me to take the photo of our penny jar, thanks. 🙂

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