il ne pleut pas

I’m way behind on reading everyone’s blogs …

          First there was the wedding weekend at Penn festival and next I spent the week with Hubby in Nice, France, tomorrow I’m back in work after two weeks off so I’ll be sleeping like crazy until my body clock re-adjusts to the twilight zone again and that’s quite apart from the hundreds, yes literally hundreds, of photos I’ve got to sort out and share. 

          It’s probably going to be at least next weekend before I even start to catch up but in the meantime, share a little of the sunshine I’ve brought back inside my camera with me. Enjoy.

           Look here for more posts about my holiday in “Nice“.

4 thoughts on “il ne pleut pas

  1. Oh my… that IS gorgeous. I wish I could step right into that scene. 🙂

    I am always behind when it comes to keeping up in the blogging world lately. I think it might end up being my permanent state of blogging. Behind. lol!

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