Place Massena

          I’m guessing that Place Massena would translate as Massena Square because it was just one of the wide open spaces found between the tall buildings where people seemed to meet, greet, and just enjoy the people watching.  We passed though Place Massena at least once each day and it became one of the familiar landmarks I used to regain my bearings after following Hubby’s explorer instincts through countless fascinating little streets.

          A statue of Neptune stood proudly at one end of the square,, his crown made up of four white horses, and apart from the regular passing of the tram, the bulk of the traffic was kept to one end so you could just wander and take in the sunshine.  There was plenty of space for all to enjoy.

          Our trip coincided with a Jazz festival so one of the parks to the side of the square was boarded off with entry by ticket only to allow the organisers to re-coup some of their outlay, but music did as music will and filled the square with happy holidayers of an evening, sharing in the magic of the moment.

          The strange men on sticks lit up in different colours as the day disappeared and the nightlife took over. 

          Oh, and just for the ladies … one more picture of the fountain because even though Hubby said Nepune didn’t look very macho, he did have a gorgeous butt.

           More from before : my holiday in “Nice, France“, July 2012.


4 thoughts on “Place Massena

    • Thanks, it was very pretty, and yes very clean too. I took loads of pictures of the buildings and balconies, you can see how it was so easy to take so many photos. 🙂

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